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Recently added is a calculation for insulated piping heat loss.

Recently changed are shortcut distillation calculations (Fenske, Underwood, Gilliland) with up to eight components, subcooled and superheated feed, and the Kirkbride estimate of ideal feed tray location.

The java files are now jarred for faster download and improved compatibility with Java 1.3/1.4.

Recently added are calculations for liquid and vapor control valves.

Recently added is an improved capability to print out the results of calculations, which was absent under Explorer and rudimentry under Navigator. The new addition is a Print Ready button that is activated when calculations are updated. This creates an HTML form that pops up and can be directly printed under Explorer and Navigator. This form can be saved to the hard drive (remember to save as "text" under Explorer to save the generated HTML and not the generating JavaScript) as well as forwarded to an email address.

To forward to an email under Explorer you must first save the generated HTML form as "text", create an email and then attach the text file to the email.

To forward to an email under Netscape simply use "Send Page..." under the "File" menu bar item.

Please note that the HTML form generated by the Print Ready button is marked as "Copyright Released" (right click to "View Source" to verify) releasing this site's copyright protection over this generated HTML form per this site's Terms and Conditions. This allows you to save, forward, create print-outs, make copys, modify etc. the HTML form generated by the Print Ready button. Please note that the other components of this site are copyrighted.

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